I just finished the first manuscript of my memoir!!!

For the last 9 months I’ve been enrolled in an amazing online writing program through The Narrative Project.

Home – The Narrative Project.

I met with a critique group twice a month throughout the program while also learning the skills of writing. The support from the staff and writing coaches is absolutely vital and lifechanging. Writing a memoir is like therapy on steroids.

The reason I like this program as opposed to others is the founder, Cami Ostman, was a therapist for many years and she brings in the psychology of writing as well as the skills of writing.

As part of the program, I just turned over my entire manuscript to a fellow writer in my cohort to get feedback. We will trade feedback on our books and discuss. These comments are invaluable as I continue to write and shape my memoir.

In March, I will enroll in the revisions program called, The Next Chapter, and hopefully by the end of November 2024 my manuscript will be ready so I can move forward with publication.

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