Hi! My name is Kelli Mechelke. I grew up in a small rural town in Indiana in the 1980s. After college I traveled the world and spent some time in Eastern Europe. Then I went to The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology and received my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor and mental health therapist. During this time, I met my husband and then we moved to Germany for four years. We now live in northern Georgia with our two sons and two dogs.

I have several people in my life that I love and care about that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I am also a Jesus lover. At times in our American culture these two things can feel diametrically opposed.

I am passionate about helping the Church learn how to love the LGBTQ+ community better and narrowing the divide between the two communities.

The question I consistently come back to as a writer and thinker is, “How do I/we love better?” This is the focus of a lot of my writing and my ponderings on my blog. This question is what ultimately led me to start writing the memoir I am currently working on. I love engaging others in conversation about this question.

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