My 8th grade son LOVES music. He is always listening to something and always taking control of the music in the car. So much so that we’ve implemented a rule. Each member of the family is allowed one skip because he likes to play the same songs over and over until we end up hating them. Can anyone relate? 😉

One day, a song was playing in the background while he and I were talking. I wasn’t paying any attention to it until the chorus caught my ear, “There’s something wrong in the village.” I immediately asked him what this song was about and who sang it. It’s called “The Village” by Wrabel. I listened to it all the way through later and was in tears. Then when I watched the music video, I wanted to weep. The first time I heard it my mind immediately went to the evangelical church without knowing any background of the song.

There is definitely something wrong with the village when a queer teenager doesn’t know they are loved so much so that they contemplate suicide. Our kids are dying because they don’t know they are loved or because they are told they aren’t loved. This is unfathomable to me. Kids are being kicked out of their homes and becoming homeless because of who they are or who they love. This does not sound like a church I want to be a part of or a church where Jesus lives.

There is also something wrong when a Christian parent feels they must choose God over their child. Is God not loving enough to love both the parent and the child? 

And now I’m the one listening to a song over and over again. The Church needs to say, “We’re sorry.” I’m sorry for how I and the church have been culpable in creating a village that is harmful and abusive. Something is terribly wrong, and we need to change.

I have much more to say about all of this, but first I want you to hear the song for yourself. It is so POWERFUL. Please read my next blog to continue the conversation.

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