(Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association)

I recently attended my very first writing conference ever and was amazed and so inspired to be surrounded by so many creative people.

I met up with a friend of mind from The Narrative Project, which is the 9 month writing program I am a part of. We decided to be brave (and crazy) and pitch our books to agents. This means you stand in line in a room full of agents and writers who want to tell the agents about their books in hopes of them taking you on as a client. Then the agents try to sell your book to a publisher. Neither of our books are finished, but we weren’t deterred by this. Both of us walked away with agents interested in our books.

I immediately called my family as quickly as I could to tell them the good news. My fourteen year old son sent a message to his friends saying,

I teared up as I read this. Then he sent me their replies saying, “Good luck, Miss Kelli.”

This was so encouraging to have agents show interest, but the most amazing gift was to have my son be proud of me.

Now the real work begins. I have to finish writing my first draft and then start the revision process. I currently have 50,000 words towards my 70,000 word goal.

I’m off to go write, write, write.

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