Case of the stolen rainbow?

I was taught when I was in my late teens that the rainbow had been stolen by the queer community from Christians. It is true that the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promise in the Bible to Noah to never flood the entire earth again. But I think the rainbow can be a reminder for many things. To me, it also reminds me of the creativity, beauty, and playfulness of God. Rainbows aren’t necessary for the world to exist. They are an extra splash of color for the sole purpose of God’s imaginative desire to create.

They also remind me of diversity meaning that no two humans are created exactly the same. We all have unique qualities, characteristics, traits, and beliefs. We each come to the world with something to offer to each other and this should be celebrated. I think the queer community highlighted this aspect of rainbows. They saw something in rainbows that Christians didn’t. We can learn to appreciate what the rainbow means to them. So, the next time you see a rainbow or a pride flag maybe it can remind you to love others who are different from you.

And besides, it seems that the queer community is sometimes more accepting than the Christian community. In Toronto recently we saw a pride flag sticker on the window of a pharmacy. Under the sticker it read, “Everyone is welcome.” This reminded me of the signs you see sometimes on libraries or other businesses that are yellow and have a black image of someone giving another person a hug. Underneath the hug are the words, “Safe Place.”

Churches should be safe places where everyone is welcome.

Every church should have a banner proudly proclaiming this if they are loving the way Jesus taught them to love.

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